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Any work of an electrical nature carried out within the UK – in houses or flats – comes under a regulation known as ‘Part P’. Contact electricians in Bath for more advice on Part P and how to ensure that you are abiding by any rules set out by the regulations. We can assure you that any work carried out for you by an electrician in Bath through NDH Installations Ltd is done so by following all rules and regulations set out for us by the law.

Before carrying out any work on an electrical socket for example, you muse ensure that you have turned off all power that travels to that source. You should make sure that this is done before you even attempt to start work, in order to prevent any kind of electrical shock.

Not all electrical wires in the UK or elsewhere are created equally. They are all made differently so that they are suitable for different tasks. Always ensure that you are using the correct type of wire for the job at hand.

Always take your time with the job at hand, staying focused and maintaining a high level of patience. It will cost more in the long run, either financially or in your own time / health if you try to rush a job for early completion. If you need a job finished within a short period of time, contact an expert at NDH Installations Ltd. You number one choice for electricians in Bath.

Make sure that you are fully aware of all violations or insurance limitations applicable to you before carrying out an electrical task. You always want to be one hundred percent sure that your home will be secured in the case of an accident.

Do not ever, under any circumstances, attempt a job which may surpass your expertise. If you have any doubt whatsoever of your own ability, call in a professional electrician within Bath to avoid potential damage to belongings, your property or even your own life. NDH Installations are always happy to help.

Never ever remove plugs by pulling on the cord. Always switch the socket off at the wall first, then remove it by pulling on the head of the plug.

If you have an electrical item which is not in use, always remember to turn it off at the
socket. If you are leaving your home for a long period of time for business or vacation
for example, switch off all electrical items at the sockets, and remove the plugs from
the sockets.

Never use any items with a damaged plug, always ensure that you replace them or
repair them before using them again. A damaged plug can cause major accidents.
even damage to property or life.

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