Safety in the Home and Business

Having your electrical systems tested and inspected regularly ensures the safety of your home or business, as well as the occupants within. For safety and insurance purposes it is advisable to have your property periodically tested every few years.

NDH Installations are NICEIC approved contractors, as well as Part P registered tradesmen. All of the work carried out by NDH electricians is certified and guaranteed for 6 months. We offer clients the standard  Periodic Test and Inspection Certificate as well as Landlord Reports & Certificates, Visual Inspecting and Fault Finding.

Electrical Condition Reports

All electrical installations deteriorate with time and should ideally be inspected and tested every 3 to 5 years. Such safety checks are commonly known as ‘periodic inspection’ or ‘domestic electrical installation condition report’. They are often requested by property insurance providers or local authorities, and are always a sensible option when first moving into new premises.

The inspection will provide an extensive evaluation of your entire electrical system. This includes a mechanical, operational and visual check on the consumer unit, fuses & circuit breakers and all visible wiring for any signs of damage from overheating. Around 20% of the sockets and switches will then have their conductors and terminations checked. If this check uncovers any problems or faults then more if not all of these items will be checked. All circuits are then checked thoroughly for continuity, resistance, polarity and various other circuit fault checks.

Having completely checked the system we will issue a certificate to indicate whether your property is satisfactory or unsatisfactory. This will include our electricians notes, as well as the grading of specific faults on a scale of 1 to 3. 1 indicates that this item requires immediate attention, and 3 is an item which may not comply with official regulations but is not necessarily unsafe and improvement recommended.


If you are already fully aware that there is a serious fault in your electrical system you will clearly have no need to waste time undergoing a Electrical Condition Report. In instances such as this we can carry out a Visual Survey which allows us to survey the situation and provide a written report of any problems uncovered along with recommendations of the repair work required to fix them.

Landlord’s Reports

Landlords are legally required to provide an Electrical Condition Report for their properties. This guarantees the safety of your tenants as well as your own peace of mind. NDH can provide reports for landlords across Bath and the surrounding area.

Fault Finding

If you find that you are suffering from a very specific problem with your electrical system- for example the same fuse keeps blowing over and over- but cannot locate the nature of the fault, NDH can provide an electrical fault finding service. Thanks to our years of experience and fully qualified electricians there are very few problems that we haven’t previously encountered and successfully repaired.

Using our knowledge and experience and professional test equipment we can identify the issue, even on wire buried within the walls of the property and will then be able to replace and repair the offending component.

Electrical Inspection Quick Reference

Electrical Testing & Certificates supplied for:
Insurance reports
Landlord reports
Landlord certificates
Periodic Tests
Electrical safety certificates
NIC certificates

Periodic Test Inspections check:
Visual Damage from overheating
Socket / Switch Conductors & Terminations
Ring circuit continuity
Insulation resistance
Earth electrode resistance
Earth fault loop impedance
Prospective fault current
RCD testing
Testing of isolators and breakers

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