Door Entry Systems Bath

Door entry systems can be useful at premises which extend over multiple floors such as office blocks or flats. It means that residents on upper floors of the property are able to open the door for visitors without having to go down to the groundfloor themselves. It is also a great security measure as it allows you to check who is outside before you unlock the door to give them access.

NDH can supply and install door entry systems to single houses or to complete block of flats and offices. The two standard forms of door entry system are Voice Only or Voice & Picture.  The installation can be completed with minor inconvenience to all residents and all equipment open to the public is vandal proof.

The exterior of the property will have a panel installed with buttons for the relevant floors/ flats/ offices and an audio panel into which the guest can speak.

Inside you will have anything from a simple wall mounted handset with a door entry button to a sophisticated digital video panel allowing you to see the visitor as you speak to them. As the guest presses the button downstairs the handset rings to alert you to their arrival. You can then speak  with them before pressing the button to unlock the door.

Security Alarm Systems Bath

Although you insure the contents of your home, some of your possessions may be irreplaceable so the best insurance you can have against them being stolen is an intruder alarm system that makes your house as secure as possible.

Our service starts with an in-depth survey and risk assessment of your property, plus a set of recommendations and a quotation, all at no cost and with no obligation. You can proceed with the full proposal or just part of it.

Both wired or wireless intruder alarm systems are available.
Whatever you choose, installation will be carried out to the highest standards and when we’ve finished your home will look and feel exactly the way it was before we arrived.

Once your system is ready we’ll ensure you know exactly how it works.

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