AMP – Also called an Ampere, it is the unit used by Bath Electricians to measure electrical current.

BASEC – British Approvals Services For Cables. You will often find ‘BASEC approved’ on the pvc covering of most of your modern cables.

CCT – Circuit – This is any combination of wiring and components that is used to provide a path down which the flow of electricity can travel.

CCU – Cooker Control Unit – This is normally a two pole switch which can be found within 2 metres of an electric cooker. Soemtimes these switches also are found to incorporate a seperate socket outlet.

ELV – Extra Low Voltage – Voltage which is below 50v AC.

FCU – Fused Connection Unit – These are used to enable you to connect appliances in your kitchen for example directly to an electrical circuit. For example, a cooker hood or another kitchen appliance that is fixed permanently and not normally removable.

KW – Kilowatt – 1,000 watts of electricity. So for example, if you were to use ten 100 watt light bulbs at once, then you would be using one whole kilowatt of electrical power.

LV – Low Voltage – 50 – 1,000 Volts AC

MD – Maximum Demand – This is the largest current normally carried within a circuit.

PAT – Portable Applicance Testing. This is the test used to ensure that any portable electrical equipment is fully safe to use.

RCCB – Residual Current Circuit Breaker – These are used to constantly monitor the electricity which is flowing through the live and neutral conductors. It has the ability to immediately disconnect the supply if it
were to detect an imbalance.

VD – Volt Drop – When a current is passed through a circuit, a voltage drop
normally occurs.

Volt – A unit of measure of the pressure in a circuit of an electrical nature.

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